For individuals, I offer one-to-one sessions in outdoor locations. This can be a local park or nature reserve, or a stroll amongst the urban jungle. Wherever we are, we’ll use what’s around us to unlock fresh perspectives on your questions and challenges.

Coaching is a creative, collaborative and often surprising process. For me, stepping away from our desks, our screens and the safety of four walls opens up a whole new dimension of thinking and doing. I find a lot of inspiration and insight in our everyday surroundings and I love sharing this approach with others.   

People usually find it useful to work together for a period of several months but extended, one-off sessions can also be an option. In either case we will meet first to discuss where you’re at and figure out a plan together to suit your circumstances. Working with those who face extra challenges in life and those who support them is particularly important to me. Feel free to be in touch to find out more or you can read some testimonials here.

“I was suspended in the beautiful solitude of the open road, in a kind of introspection that only outdoor space generates, for inside and outside are more intertwined than the usual distinctions allow”
— Rebecca Solnit