For groups, I design and lead short workshops and and longer, often residential, processes. I focus on creating ways and means for people to spend time away from their ‘ordinary’ settings. Wherever we are, I relish any opportunity to explore beyond slide decks and notebooks - bringing rich, sensory activities into our conversations and considerations. In doing so, I aim to create memorable, perspective-shifting experiences that catalyse lasting change. I particularly relish opening up opportunities for those whose lives are full of challenge.

My experience spans a diverse range of groups and settings. Whether taking ten open-minded but overstretched frontline workers on a night walk in the woods, or building towers of spaghetti with 120 Bahraini teenagers I enjoy creating productive and reflective learning environments. My coaching and teaching background helps me to design coherent, purposeful experiences using a range of creative facilitation and eco-therapy tools. Whilst working in and with natural settings is my first love, I also find opportunity aplenty in more urban, as well as indoor settings. 

Examples of topics my approach naturally lends itself to include:

  • building trust and relationships
  • growing confidence, self-esteem and a sense of personal agency
  • identifying and overcoming barriers and challenges
  • developing listening and coaching skills
  • supporting entrepreneurial journeys
  • enabling systems awareness

Being deeply collaborative by nature, I am always open to conversations about how my work can enhance or complement an existing or developing programme. I am also lucky to know many talented learning design specialists, facilitators and outdoors professionals whom I love to work alongside.  Feel free to be in touch to find out more or you can read a couple of testimonials here.  

“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper”
— Eden Phillpotts