“Hannah is an inspiration and joy to work with.  A natural nurturer, a curious enquirer and supporter; she lays the foundations for you to go after new goals and experiences. We have spent 1.5 years working together and what a journey it has been. Our sessions are spent outdoors, walking through London parks and the countryside. Working in an unpredictable landscape the process really challenged my perception on place, space and the journeys I wanted to take; I now could not imagine doing it any other way. Hannah taught me that coaching is about discovery, taking risks and investing in yourself.  I did not know what to expect from coaching when I started this process, now I realise it is the most invaluable thing I have done.  Hannah brings a voice that you can not ask of yourself and she helps empower you to start a process of change confidently”
— GD, coaching client, 2016
“Taking time out to reflect on what is important and where to go next seems so simple, yet I find it is so easy not to do. With a blend of creativity, fun, action and reflection, Hannah created a supportive yet challenging space for me to take stock of where I am and plan for the future. And some of the exercises that Hannah introduced I still do 6 months on”
— CM, residential workshop participant, 2015
“My work with Hannah helped me to gain greater clarity and perspective and she was a constant anchor as I encountered the inevitable highs and lows of such a transformational change process. Our outdoor sessions were particularly effective, and now many London landmarks serve as constant reminders to me of the journey we undertook and as prompts to continue to stay on track. Hannah’s creative style is refreshing and impactful”
— PD, coaching client, 2014
“Hannah worked with me on a unique programme to empower frontline workers to create change. She is an incredibly skilled coach and facilitator. I can honestly say she helped bring about fundamental shifts in thinking and real transformation for several individuals. She has a wonderful ability to read a group and put people at ease whilst at the same time pushing them out of their comfort zones. Her style enables people to step out of their usual ways of thinking and find inspiration or answers to challenges for themselves. It added magic dust to our programme. Her use of the natural world in facilitation is extremely powerful and a real contrast to conventional approaches. I would highly recommend working with Hannah”
— AM, System Changers Programme Lead, 2016
“I am slightly amazed at how this is making me feel. I forget the people rushing past me. I forget the noise of the traffic. I forget that I probably look like a total idiot. Instead, I remember how to breathe. Long, satisfying, life-giving breaths that feed and sustain me. I see the beauty and fragility of life and I breathe”
— CS, System Changers participant, 2016